A Place for Successful Business Meetings

Quiet, comfortable, pleasant surroundings make for a great business meeting. Getting your sales staff together? Need to get your department on the same page? Come meet at Muse Performance Space.

From the beautiful wood floors to the warm colors and art work on the walls, Muse Performance Space is a place to make your meeting even more productive.

  • Team up with one of our catering partners, we have plenty of space to set up tables and chairs for lunch.
  • Team up with one of our AV partners if you need projectors.¬† We’ve got a great PA for you to use, too.
  • Plenty of parking for your attendees and we are easy to find.

The Muse Performance Space offers a beautiful room with a

  • Large stage
  • Professional lighting
  • Great sounding PA
  • Seating for 90 guests
  • Tables for refreshments
  • Two restrooms
  • Backroom storage area

Contact Pete Lewis or Clare Church to have a tour of the Muse Performance Space or book your meeting
pete@museperformancespace.com clare@museperformancespace.com