Sharing Your Spirit and Energy with Others…

Performing at the Muse will be an enriching experience for the artists and guests alike. The Muse is run by two professional musicians who want the artist to have the best possible experience and least amount of hassles! The current payment is 70% of ticket sales go to the artist and 30% goes to help Muse pay the rent! Eventually we want to get a guarantee for each performer. We will create events, online tickets sales(if you wish) and post them to all available sources. The band/artist must be diligent in getting people in the seats as well.

The Muse Performance Space offers a beautiful room with a

  • Grand Piano
  • Large stage
  • Professional lighting
  • Great sounding PA
  • Seating for 90 guests
  • Tables for refreshments
  • Two restrooms
  • Backroom storage area

Contact Pete at or Clare at to submit some materials for review.