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We musicians weave in and out of each others lives. And, often without really knowing it, The impressions which we obtain from our fellow musicians form these long-lasting bonds both musically and personally. Some relationships are more sticky than others because of commonality in musical tastes and aesthetic. So it is with 2B3. Jeff, Mike, and Mike have worked together for nearly 20 years cumulatively. Our musical passions run parallel – not just in jazz, but in rock, funk, and pop. The most recent Jimi Hendrix project came about very organically. We had been playing a lot of Jeff’s writing which recently has been funky organ trio stuff…some of which started really rocking out. Jeff wrote a bunch of arrangements of Prince music, then of Hendrix. Then I got into it and wrote a few Hendrix arrangements.  https://www.2b3trio.com/about2b3

This concert will be streamed from the Muse. It will be available to view on FB Live https://www.facebook.com/clareandpete/live/
and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConnfsa0T77NKKxfsp6aMxQ
Donations: Venmo @museperformancespace or Muse website donation page: https://www.museperformancespace.com/donate/
70% goes to musicians and 30% goes to helping the Muse pay the rent 🙂