Brazilian Choro and Beyond

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Brazilian Choro and Beyond

Extraordinary Brazilian clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro and renowned percussionist and producer Roberta

Valente are visiting Colorado for the first time! Alexandre brings his exuberant technique and exquisite

interpretation of Brazilian sounds, hypnotizing his listeners in the first notes. Roberta Valente brightens

the varying melodies of choro and samba with effortless touches of accents and a deep understanding

of the African roots of these genres. Colorado’s own Boulder‐based guitarist Bill Kopper joins the São

Paulo duo in this special one‐night only show at the lovely Muse Performance Space in Lafayette to

teleport the audience to Brazil’s cultural jewel! You will fully enjoy two sets of Brazilian happiness and

saudade (“longing” or “yearning” in Portuguese). Show starts at 730pm with open seating, so come early

and grab a good seat!

Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect on Wednesday:

Special thanks to sponsor Boulder Samba School/Colorado Brazil Fest!


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What is Choro?

Choro (also known as “Chorinho,” meaning “cry” or “lament”) is a style of instrumental music from Brazil

originated in the 19th century Rio de Janeiro. Choro represents the coming together of European

melodic and harmonic traditions with African rhythms and sensibilities. It is a cousin of jazz, with a sense

of yearning that is often described as a “sweet lament.” The sound of choro varies from the sentimental

and melancholy to the fast and cheerful. You will find much virtuosity and improvisation in this genre of

music with its roots in both European and African music.

Alexandre Ribeiro (Clarinet)

Born in the city of São Simão, in the state of São Paulo, Alexandre Ribeiro began his music studies at the

age of 12 with maestro Maurílio de Oliveira Junior. He was a disciple of clarinetists like Krista

Helfenberger Munhoz, Luiz Afonso Montanha, Sergio Burgani, Nailor Proveta, and Stanley Carvalho. He

later obtained a bachelor’s degree in music specializing in clarinet at the State University of São Paulo

(UNESP), during which he was also the first and second clarinetist in the Youth Band of the State of São


As an instrumentalist of Brazilian popular music, Alexandre performed alongside renowned Brazilian

musicians and vocalists such as Guinga, Antônio Nóbrega, Carlos Malta, Dominguinhos, Arismar do

Espírito Santo, Luizinho 7 chords, Paulo Moura, Yamandu Costa, Mariene de Castro, Tom Zé, Dona Inah,

Consuelo de Paula, Teresa Cristina, among many others. Alexandre has delighted the audience in

numerous music festivals and performed in famous venues across the U.S., Europe, and Brazil.

Roberta Valente (Pandeiro)

Brazilian musician, producer, and educator Roberta Valente specializes in pandeiro (Brazilian

tambourine) and is an expert on choro and samba.

Roberta studied guitar, cavaquinho (small Brazilian guitar), and percussion from a young age. She is

considered a top choice for pandeiro in choro or samba ensembles. Throughout her career, Roberta

performed with prominent Brazilian artists such as Beth Carvalho, Yamandu Costa, Duo Assad, Hamilton

de Hollanda, Altamiro Carrilho, André Mehmari, Danilo Brito, Dominguinhos, Toninho Ferragutti, and

many others. In addition to being an accomplished musician and educator, Roberta is also a prolific

choro and samba producer. She is especially skilled at producing large ensembles featuring Brazil’s best


Bill Kopper (6 & 7‐String Guitars)

Self‐taught in classical, blues, jazz, and Brazilian guitar, he is the first call for studio work. A dynamic

force in the University of Colorado‐Denver music faculty, his dynamic and harmonic sense is hard to

match, featured on recordings with Brad Goode, Rene Marie, and Paa Kow, to name a few.